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We combine leading-edge investor insights honed by our private equity experts with agriculture-market insights and proprietary tools to help clients with their range of needs.

We support all types of investors across the full investment cycle, including private equity funds, pension funds, venture capital funds, and sovereign wealth funds, on many topics including thesis development, due diligence, and operational improvement.

Our in-depth knowledge of industry players, combined with our expertise in sectors such as advanced industries, consumer goods, and retail, gives us a nuanced understanding of the full agriculture value chain.


Conduct due diligence

Conduct due diligence using a flexible and analytics-driven approach that incorporates extensive proprietary knowledge and deep industry experience.

Develop targeted plans

Help portfolio companies develop and execute dynamic, targeted plans of action for value creation, drawing upon our broader functional knowledge from our commercial and operational practices.

Prepare maximum-value exits

Help owners prepare maximum-value exits by using a three-phase support model that covers planning, preparation, and execution for auctions and initial public offerings.

Increase performance

Make strategic choices to increase fund and firm performance by combining deep insights on global macroeconomic trends with proprietary research on market trends.